Hallway Scuffle

Disclaimer: Wyatt and the concept of Charmed belong to Constance M. Burge and Spelling Entertainment. Olivia and Sean are mine.

Author’s Note: Written for Charmed Drabble.

Wyatt Halliwell took a deep breath as he stared down the row of lockers. There at the end stood the girl of his dreams. Olivia Cristiano was the sweetest, friendliest, and prettiest girl in school. Granted, Wyatt had never spoken to her before, but he had seen the way she talked to everyone else. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to talk to her; that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that Sean Jackson, her rather large boyfriend, always hung around her, and he always had a way of making Wyatt feel like an alien. Not like he already felt different enough.

Today seemed to be his lucky day, though. Glancing around, he noticed that Sean wasn’t anywhere near her, and she appeared to be all alone. If he were going to talk to her, now would be the time. ‘Better do it fast,’ he thought. Adjusting his book bag on his left shoulder, he approached her. He took a deep breath and put on his best smile.

“Hi, Olivia,” he managed.

Olivia looked up, and her deep brown eyes sparkled. “Wyatt, right? Hi.”

For a moment, he was stumped. She knew his name! His smile grew even bigger. “Yeah, we sit next to each other in English class.”

She grabbed a book and closed her locker. “Yeah, I know.”

Wyatt blushed a deep red. ‘Idiot,’ he scolded himself. “So…um…how did you do on the test Friday?”

“I don’t know; it seemed pretty tough. English isn’t my best subject.” She tossed her dark curls over her shoulders.

“Well, if you want, I can help you study for the next one.” Nervously, Wyatt ran a hand through his blond hair. ‘Why do I feel like I’m three inches tall?’ he wondered.

Before she could answer, they both heard a loud, booming voice. “Halliwell!” Turning around, Wyatt saw Sean and his football cronies stomping down the hallway. Sean grabbed the younger boy by the collar when he reached him. “What the hell do you think you’re doing? Don’t you know talking to my girl is off limits?”

“Sean, let him go. You’re being such an asshole,” Olivia scolded as she pulled on his arm.

Sean’s green eyes bore into Wyatt’s brown ones. “Hell no. Halliwell here is going to be my example. Boy, I’m going to knock you into the next millennium.” As he spoke, he raised his fist and let it fly towards Wyatt.

In reaction, Wyatt threw up his hands, and the fist froze in mid-punch. Looking around, he noticed that everything else in the hallway had stopped as well. Not only was Sean going to kill him, but his parents would also just for using his powers in public. Choosing not to waste time, he carefully unhooked his shirt from Sean’s grip and stepped to the side. He then waved his hand, and Sean’s fist flew into the locker, making a loud crash.

Grabbing his bloody fist, Sean glared at him. “How did you do that?’

Wyatt just shrugged as he picked up his book bag, which had dropped to the floor. “Maybe you have bad aim.”

“Your ass is mine, Halliwell,” the football player growled as he moved towards the smaller blond. Olivia grabbed his arm before he could move any further.

“Come on, let’s go. You’re embarrassing me.” Just then the bell rang, and the hall began to clear out. Sean allowed Olivia to lead him away as Wyatt just stood there with a grin on his face. He would probably suffer major consequences if his parents ever found out, but it had been worth it.


© 2004 Crimson Idealist