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What would happen if Jim and Blair from The Sentinel had gotten married and had daughters -- one a Sentinel and one a Guide? Now, what if these girls grew up and moved to San Francisco, CA? Finally, what if Chris Halliwell met Lorelai Sandburg?

A Beginning
Chris/Lorelai, ficlet, complete
Chris runs late for work and meets a pretty ballerina.

Pieces of She (Coming Soon)
Chris/Lorelai, Wyatt/McKenna, novel
All over San Francisco, women are turning up dead with their bodies mutilated, and Inspector Wyatt Halliwell isn't sure if the cause is human or supernatural. When Chris's girlfriend Lorelai disappears, Wyatt thinks there may be a connection. Can he keep his brother sane while fending off Lorelai's pissed off best friend, McKenna?

Wall of Pride
Chris/Lorelai, ficlet, complete
Chris needs to know why Lorelai left.

Wyatt/McKenna, drabble, complete
Wyatt helps McKenna deal with some late-night studying.


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