Author's Note: This story was based on Bubbles' "Strange Things Happen". Thank you for letting me use your idea, Bubbles. This one was written for my friend Heather. Since she and AJ share the exact same birthday and are both only children, I figured this would make a cute story. I have no idea what time AJ was born, so I made something up to match Heather's birthtime. This story is rated PG-13. Enjoy!

Part One -- The Discovery

Part Two -- The Telephone Call

Part Three -- The Concert

Part Four -- The Reptile

Part Five -- Rendezvous, Then I'm Through With You

Part Six -- Another Telephone Call

Part Seven -- Strip Tease

Part Eight -- Red Streaks and a Grey Expedition

Part Nine -- Tender Moments

Part Ten -- Revelations
*Author's Note: I honestly don't know if AJ's mom ever called him Sweet Cheeks or if he has a birthmark. These two things were just part of my imagination.*

Part Eleven -- Spells

Part Twelve -- Finale


1999 Crimson Idealist