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All Characters, ongoing
Stories between 100 and 200 words long.

Ficlets and Short Stories

Sam/Daniel, rated R, Complete
Daniel wishes Sam a happy anniversary.

Sam/Daniel, Complete
Daniel forgot something.

Early Surprise
Daniel/Elizabeth, AR, Complete
Elizabeth misses Daniel when he's Offworld, and that makes the surprise much sweeter.

Extreme Measures
Sam/Daniel, Complete
Daniel's been knocked unconcious.

Here Without You
Sam/Daniel, Post-"Meridian", Complete
Daniel looks in on Sam and learns something about her.

Letting Go
Jack/Janet, Complete
Janet needs help sending Cassie off to college.

Missing Daniel
Sam/Daniel, Complete
It's New Year's Eve, and Daniel is MIA...

Smut Privileges
Sam/Daniel, Complete
Daniel's found an interesting artifact...

Sam/Daniel, Complete
Daniel thinks about his feelings for Sam.

Why Don't You and I?
Sam/Daniel, Post-"Space Race", Complete
Daniel realizes that he loves Sam; now all he has to do is tell her.

Would I Lie to You?
Jack, Daniel, Complete
Jack asks Daniel a very important question.

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