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All Characters, Ongoing
Stories between 100 and 300 words.

Ficlets and Short Stories

Feathery Wings
Dean, Sam, AU, complete
Spoilers: None
Be careful what you wish for.

girl!Sam, boy!Ruby, AU, Complete
Death followed her everywhere and she had to stop it.

The Middle
Dean, Complete
Spoilers: None, pre-series
Dean hates choosing between his father and his brother.

Protect Your Heart
Ellen, Complete
Spoilers: Everybody Loves a Clown
Ellen offers Jo a little advice.

Sami and Jesse
female Sam/male Jess, genderbend, complete
Spoilers: season one
Every story has a beginning...

Searching for the Truth
John, Missouri, Complete
Spoilers: Home
John wants to know what really happened that night and learns more than he bargained for.

Snow and Mistletoe
Dean/Jo, futurefic, complete
Spoilers: None
It's Christmastime at Harvell's and Dean is not happy.

Third Time's the Charm
Sam/Jess, Complete
Spoilers: None, pre-series
Sam doesn't know how to introduce himself to the pretty blonde he keeps seeing.

Wrestling with Demons
Sam and Dean, Complete
Spoilers: None
Fighting demons is a messy business.

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