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Stories between 100 and 200 words.

Ficlets and Short Stories

The Case of the Liquid Stain
Jim/Megan, Complete
Jim finds a mess on his desk.

Blair, Post TS by BS, Complete
Blair contemplates the choice in front of him.

Jim/Megan, Blair, Complete
Blair helps Jim and Megan realize something.

Writer's Block
Blair, Complete
Blair's having trouble starting his thesis.

McKenna and Lorelai

Jim/Megan, future familyfic, complete
A little father-daughter time.

The Trials and Tribulations of a Seven-Year-Old Guide
Blair, Jim, daughters Lorelai and McKenna, future familyfic, Complete
Lorelai is convinced that McKenna doesn't like her.

Jim/Megan, Blair, future familyfic, Complete
Jim makes a toast on a day of celebration.

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