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Author's Note: Written for JenJen based on an icon. The dustjacket was created by Jadespencer357.

Daniel Jackson stared hard at the markings on the stone door, confusion etched on his face. Turning to look at Samantha Carter, he explained, “It says, ‘No admittance without smut privileges.’”

“’Smut privileges?’ What does that mean?” she asked as she peered over his shoulder.

“I don’t know.” Daniel crouched down and peered at the bottom of the door. After several long minutes of scribbling, he still looked confused.

Sam picked up on his look. “Anything?”

“Well, it says, ‘To gain smut privileges, you have to be older than twenty-one rotations.’ I’m guessing that means years.” He pushed up his glasses and leaned closer. ‘Stand in front of the door with a member of the opposite sex and go naked.’” His eyebrows shot up at this last line.

“’Naked’?” Sam chuckled.

Daniel stood up and looked at the top of the door. “Well, looks like we’re not going to find out what’s in here.”

“Why not?” Daniel turned to see a mischievous twinkle in the Air Force Major’s blue eyes.


A long while later, the door finally opened.


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