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Author’s Note: Written for Zeldaophelia, who wanted a drabble from Slyredfox’s Sam/Daniel kiss icon. The dustjacket was created by Jadespencer357.

“Daniel!?” Major Samantha Carter cried as she burst through the doorway. She found Daniel Jackson lying on the ground unconscious. Kneeling down beside him, she noticed that his breathing was shallow, and there was a large gash on his head. “Daniel?” she asked more quietly.

“Dammit, I told him not to wander too far,” Colonel Jack O’Neil cursed under his breath. Gripping his gun, he nodded towards Teal’c. “Come on, we’ve got Ga’ould ass to kick.”

Teal’c nodded, and the two exited, leaving Sam and Daniel alone.

Sam quickly pulled out what little first aid materials she had and set to work. She ripped apart an extra shirt from her pack and quickly wrapped it around Daniel’s head. The blood immediately soaked through, but it was better than nothing. Gently, she lifted his head and called his name again. Still no response.

“Come on, Daniel. You’re not going to leave me again; not this time.”

How could she get a response out of him? Peering into his handsome face, she developed an idea. Bending down, she kissed him. At first, there was nothing; however, before she could pull away, Daniel’s lips responded. Warm, soft, and gentle, they caused an electric sensation to run up and down Sam’s spine. Kissing the colonel had never made her feel like that.

Reluctantly, they parted, and Sam found Daniel’s blue eyes looking up at her. A smile crept across his face. “Now that’s a way to wake up.”

“I thought…I wasn’t sure…I…” Sam stumbled over her words. She hadn’t expected to feel anything, and that threw her off balance. Finally, she pulled herself together. “You won’t tell anybody, will you?”

Daniel only blushed. Apparently, he seemed a little ruffled from the kiss as well. “Sure. Won’t go any further than this room.”

Sam smiled as she helped Daniel sit up. Have his eyes always been that blue? She wondered, but kept the thought to herself.


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