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Putting the Damage On
Written for the Highlander 100. Corrie belongs to me.

“She’s pretty,” Corrie mumbled as she looked up into Richie’s blue eyes.

“Isn’t she, though?” Richie smiled, oblivious to Corrie’s reaction.

“Are you sure you can trust this girl? I mean, she just appeared out of nowhere.”

Richie climbed onto his bike and turned back to the small blonde. “I’ll be fine. I’m just going to ride this out and see where it goes.”

“Be careful. You barely know her.”

“I will. See you Monday.” With that, he pulled on his helmet and rode out of the garage, leaving Corrie in the dust.

The Fight
Written for the Highlander 100. Corrie belongs to me.

“You are the most inconsiderate, rude, annoying person I have ever met!” Corrie ranted as she strode into the bedroom and began to throw clothes into an open suitcase.

Richie followed her, his temper flaring. “So that’s it? You’re just going to walk out?”

“If I want to.”

Without wasting a minute, he grabbed the beautiful blonde and pulled her into a fierce kiss. After a moment, they parted, both panting for breath.

“Hey, we were fighting here!” Corrie said once she caught her breath.

Richie just smiled as he nuzzled her neck. “I can’t remember what about.”

A Daughter
Written for Highlander 100. Corrie is mine.

Cradling the baby in his arms, Richie couldn’t keep the smile off his face. She was his, really his, and there was no way he was going to let her go. He lightly traced her soft, pudgy cheeks with his fingers as she watched him with her curious brown eyes. His daughter.

“Richie?” He turned, only to find no one there.

“Richie?” It was closer this time.

“Richie, wake up.”

He found himself staring into the brown eyes of his wife, and his heart fell. Only a dream. In his reality, he wasn’t a father and never would be.