Secret Place

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“Come on, follow me.” With a smile on his face, Adam took Joan’s hand and led her out of his studio. They ran away from the house and into the woods that surround it.

“Where are we going?” Joan asked.

“You’ll see.”

The couple dogged trees and jumped over a creek until they came to a small clearing. Here, the grass seemed greener and the trees bigger. The sun streamed down through a small opening between the leaves and caused everything to sparkle. Joan’s breath caught in her throat.

“It’s beautiful,” she said. “Where are we?”

Adam gave her a half-smile. “My spot. No one but me ever comes here.” He sat down on the ground and patted the spot next to him. “I come here when I need to think. It’s quiet and nobody ever bothers me.”

Joan sat down next to him. “Thank you for showing me.”

He reached out, touching her face. “I had to. With you, I don’t have to pretend.”


© 2004 Crimson Idealist