Movie Night

Chris peered up at the marquee and studied the movie titles. His green eyes landed on the one he’d been waiting a long time for, and he had to fight the urge to jump up and down. Turning to his older brother, he jerked his thumb at the name.

“It’s the fiftieth anniversary re-release of Star Wars! We have to go see it!” he announced.

Wyatt rolled his eyes. “You’ve seen that movie a hundred times.”

“But I’ve never seen it on the big screen.”

“Chris,” Wyatt sighed. “I was really hoping for that new horror movie. You know, Blood on the Streets? The one with that cute redhead in it.”

“But Star Wars is on limited release. Who knows how long it’ll be out, or when I’d get to see it on the big screen?”

“Fine. Here’s what we do. We split up. I’ll go see Blood and you go see Star Wars. Then I’ll meet you afterward.” Satisfied with his answer, Wyatt strolled up to the ticket machine.

Chris followed him. “You sure? I mean, you’ll be missing something amazing on the big screen.”

“I’m sure, bro.” He paid for his ticket and stepped back so Chris could buy his.


© 2005 Crimson Idealist