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Not Human Anymore
Drusilla, Drabble
Drusilla reflects on her new vampire life.


What Would Lars Do?
Fall Out Boy
girl!Andy/Pete, girl!Andy/Patrick, short story
Andie won't sell out.

The Covenant

Caleb/Sarah, Drabble
What he wouldn't give for an ordinary life?

On a Cold Winter's Night
Caleb, Pogue, Ficlet, post-movie
Friends don't let friends brood.

Sleeping Beauty
Pogue/Kate, Ficlet, post-movie
She was alive and safe; that's all that mattered.

Doctor Who

That Which We Call a Rose
Nine/Rose, Ficlet
Spoilers: Up through "Father's Day"
The Ninth Doctor reflects on his newest companion.

The Fantastic Four Movieverse

Forgotten Birthday
Susan/Reed, Susan/Victor, Ficlet, Pre-movie
Susan is left alone when Reed forgets her birthday.

Lord of the Rings

Let Me Touch You For Awhile
Legolas/Eowyn, AU, Short story
Legolas and Eowyn comfort each other on a quiet night at Helm's Deep.

The Mentalist

Keep Them in Your Memory
Patrick, Teresa, Ficlet
Patrick should never be left alone with his memories.


Last Night of the World
John/Kate, Ficlet
Everything she knows is gone.

Tru Calling

Tru/Davis, Ficlet
Tru is thankful.

Brother's Keeper
Tru, Harrison, Ficlet
Harrison begs for Tru's help.

Early Morning
Tru, Drabble
Tru loves the early morning.

Trust Me
Drabble, Tru/Davis
Davis wants to know the truth.


Paris Falls
Jacob, ficlet, complete
How can he say goodbye to Bella?


A Glance
Selene/Michael, Ficlet, Complete
Michael sees Selene in the subway station.

Selene/Michael, post-movie, Ficlet, Complete
Selene contemplates what happened.

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