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Author's Note: A drabble written for Northlight.

Luke Girardi stared at the open Word document on his monitor. His life had gone through so many changes in the past year, and he wasnít quite sure how to deal with them all. Hesitantly, he started to type them all out.

First, there was the move to Arcadia. He had been doing fine at his old school. His teachers loved him, he was on the fast track to MIT, and he even had a couple of close friends. However, everything changed when his family picked up and moved to Arcadia. Was it for the better? He still wasnít sure.

Then there was the matter of Grace and Glynis. Two very different women that he happened to find fascinating. Grace was loud, opinionated, and stood out in a crowd. A relationship with her was implausible at best. Glynis was cute and dorky, like himself. While all logic seemed to agree that she was perfect for him, Luke still couldnít stop thinking about Grace.

Finally, there was Joan and her illness. She had been acting strange all year, and now the doctors were saying that it was because of the Lime Disease. Yet, Luke had seen her talking to all sorts of different people like she knew them well. She was a puzzle that he wasnít ready to tackle yet.

Sitting back in his computer chair, he read the words over again. It still didnít make since. After being so logical and brilliant for the first fourteen years of his life, Arcadia had completely thrown Lukeís life into a tailspin. There was no telling what next year would bring.


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