Disclaimer: Not mine. The Sentinel and its characters belong to Paramount.

Author’s Note: This was written for Zeldaophelia’s Drabble Challenge.

“You are the most inconsiderate jerk I have ever met in my entire life!” Megan Connors spat, restraining her urge to throw her styrofoam cup at Jim Ellison.

Jim fought to keep the anger from flashing out of his blue eyes. “I am? Look at my desk!”

“So? The mess isn’t mine.”

Cautiously, Blair Sandburg stepped in between them. “All right, calm down. I’m sure this isn’t anyone’s fault.”

Jim turned on him. “No one’s fault!? There are liquid stains all over my desk.” To emphasize his point, he showed Blair a large brown stain on the cover of a magazine he had left there. “And she’s the only one holding a cup.”

Megan crossed her arms, her mouth set in a thin line. “Can you prove it was me?” She narrowed her brown eyes.

Jim’s face matched her expression. Did she dare to challenge him? Without missing a beat, he set to work on examining the desktop. He touched the stains, noting that they were still warm. They had been made pretty recently. He peered at them, noticing how they changed the color of the wood. The liquid was definitely coffee. Finally, he sniffed them, and his confidence deflated a little.

He glanced up and saw that Megan hadn’t moved a muscle. Her eyes were still boring holes into him. Standing up, he picked up her cup. Sniffing it, he realized the coffee in it had a slightly different smell.

Setting it down, he cleared his throat. “Do you drink decaf, Connors?”

“Yes, why?”

“Because the stain is caffeinated,” he mumbled.

Slowly, a triumphant smile spread across Megan’s face. “I’m sorry, what was that?”

Taking a deep breath, Jim repeated himself a little louder. All her anger melting away, Megan gleefully picked up her cup and headed for the door.

“My favorite flowers are lilies, and I love Italian food,” she happily called behind her.

Jim huffed as he glanced down at Blair, who was trying desperately not to laugh. “That woman’s going to be the death of me,” he groaned.