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Author's Note: Written for Julie Oh based on Meridian's Daniel "C'mon, would I lie to you?" icon. The dustjacket was created by Jadespencer357.

Exhausted, Colonel Jack O’Neill sat down on the ground. Pulling a water bottle out of his pack, he eyed Dr. Daniel Jackson.

“Are you going to be working on those all day? It’s hot out here,” he complained.

Daniel looked at him, startled. “Jack, these are fragile. Who knows how long I’ll be able to study them?”

“They were here long before we got here. I’m sure they’ll be here tomorrow.”

“But…but…I’m this close to translating them.”

Jack sighed as he glanced up at the hot sun. It didn’t seem any different than the one on Earth, but he could’ve sworn it felt twenty degrees hotter. Lying down on the ground, he groaned. A few years ago he wouldn’t have minded hanging out on a strange planet, waiting on Daniel. In fact, he was usually the last one to get tired. What happened to him?

“Hey, Daniel?” he called without moving from his position.


“Am I old?”

There was a moment of silence before Daniel answered. “No, of course not.”

“Are you sure?”

“Come on, Jack, would I lie to you?”


Jack heard Daniel clear his throat and imagined that he had quickly turned back to the tablets he was translating. He chuckled. Leave it to Daniel to try to make him feel better.


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