Joan of Arcadia Drabbles

Characters: Judith/Friedman
Written for Arcadia 100

He offered me flowers. No snide remarks, no laughing, just flowers. Then he explained what each one meant according to Ophelia. What did I do? I just stared at him.

No one has ever offered me flowers before. But Friedman did. Why? Why is he even taking the time to memorize Hamlet for me? I’ve told him I’m not interested, but he keeps coming back. What does he see in a girl like me? Hell, I’m nobody. But there was this look in his eyes when I didn’t say anything. Why would a rejection from me hurt him so much?

A Little Fall of Rain
Characters: Luke/Glynis
Written for Arcadia 100.

Luke hated the rain. It was wet, cold, and currently blurring the words on the page of science notes he was reading. Why, oh, why didn’t he remember to grab an umbrella that morning?

“Hi, Luke.” Glancing up, he saw Glynis standing in front of him, a purple umbrella covering her head.

Quickly, he looked down, his cheeks reddening. “Um, hi.”

Just then, the rain stopped drenching his page. Curious, he looked up to see Glynis right next to him. Her umbrella covered them both.

She shrugged and smiled. “I hope you don’t mind.”

Slowly, he smiled. “Not at all.”

Surf's Up
Characters: Joan, God
Written for Arcadia 100.

“Enjoying the beach, Joan?”

Joan looked up from her book to see a handsome, blond surfer standing in front of her.

“You can find me on vacation?”

“I can find you anywhere, Joan. You know that.”

She glanced at the board. “I didn’t know You could surf.”

Surfer God chuckled. “Of course I can. Go out into the water; it’ll be fun.”

Joan lifted an eyebrow. “Is that a suggestion or an assignment?”

Not answering, Surfer God just grabbed His board and jogged off towards the ocean.

“Why do I even ask?” Joan muttered. It seemed she was going swimming.

Take a Chance
Characters: Kevin/Rebecca
Written for the Arcadia 100.

What are you thinking, Rebecca? There are a million reasons why you shouldn’t date him. He’s younger; he works for you; he’s white! It so wouldn’t work.

And yet, I can’t stop thinking about him. Every time I get near him, my heartbeat quickens and my palms start to sweat. You’d think I was back in high school.

I think he’s worth taking a chance on, though, and maybe I should take that chance tonight. After all, what have I got to lose other than my heart?

What If?
Character: Joan
Written for Arcadia 100.

Joan glanced around the dinner table at her family. Kevin was telling everybody about the cute girl he met at work. Luke was interjecting with snide comments while Dad called him down. Mom just smiled as she passed the potatoes. They were such a happy, well-adjusted family.

Fear gripped her heart as she looked down at her plate. What if they found out she talked to God? What if they thought she was crazy? Would it destroy them? Would they still love her?

She watched her family one more time, realizing that she lived with that fear and uncertainty everyday.