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All Characters, ongoing
Stories between 100 and 200 words long.

Ficlets and Short Stories

Aluminum and Steel
Adam/Joan, Adam/Iris, Complete
Spoilers: "No Bad Guy"
Adam reflects on Iris and Joan.

Adam/Joan, Complete
Spoilers: "No Bad Guy"
Adam realizes something about Joan

Logic and Confusion
Luke, Complete
Spoilers: Silence
Nothing makes sense to luke in Arcadia.

Luke's Choice
Luke/Glynis, Luke/Grace, Complete
Spoilers: "Silence"
Luke has to make a choice. Is it Grace or Glynis?

Missing Joan
Girardi family, Complete
Spoilers: All of the first season
The family doesn't feel whole.

Secret Place
Joan/Adam, Complete
Adam shares his secret place with Joan.

The Thundering Waves
Joan/Adam, Complete
No Spoilers
Adam tries to help Joan conquer her fear of water.

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