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Author's Note: I wrote this before episode five aired, I swear. But I suppose this could be a missing scene now. Also, I don't think they ever mentioned if Matt had a partner, so I just made one up. And thank you to Teffy for the beta.

A shrill beep echoed through her head, drawing her from her dreams. Janice Parkman opened her eyes, blinking against the harsh sunlight. Another day, another chance to avoid last night's fight. It took a full minute before she realized the alarm clock was still screaming.

“Matt, grab that, please,” she said as she sat up. She wiped her eyes and braced herself for the expected grumbles. None came. She looked over at Matt's side of the bed only to realize it hadn't been slept in at all. “Great,” she mumbled. “He probably passed out in the living room.”

She smacked the alarm clock, taking a moment to enjoy the blissful silence. Sighing, she planted her feet on the ground and patted into the living room. She stopped dead when she realized it, too, was empty.


She checked the kitchen and the bathroom. No sign of her husband anywhere. Where is he? She wondered. She sat down on the couch and took a deep breath. Okay, don't assume the worse. Maybe he stayed with a friend or his partner. Her heart pounded. But what if he was on the side of the road, his body mangled and hanging out of a broken windshield? Unable to push the image away, Janice reached for the phone.

After three rings, a male voice answered.

“Thomas?” she asked.

“Janice? Everything okay?” Matt's partner sounded like he had been awake for hours.

“All right, I guess. Have you seen Matt?”

“No, not since he saved that little girl yesterday. Why?”

Janice paused. Saved a little girl? She chose to worry about why Matt didn't mention that fact last night later and pressed on. “He didn't come home last night.” She wasn't going to mention the fight. Or the weird fact he seemed to know what she was thinking.

“Yikes,” Thomas said. “I'll keep an eye out for him and let you know if he shows up at work.”

She relaxed her grip on the phone. “Thank you, Thomas. I'll talk to you later, okay?”

He said his good-byes, and she hung up the phone. She then sat on the couch, not daring to move.

Why hadn't Matt come home after their fight. Sure, the fight hadn't been a nice one, but they fought a lot lately. Why should last night's be any different? She sank back into the cushions. Her Matt had saved a little girl's life? Of course he did. That was the Matt she had fallen in love with.

Oh, how she wanted that Matt back. The confident, happy-go-lucky guy who'd willingly put someone else before himself. But he hadn't been that Matt lately. He'd been grumpy, rude, barely even saying two words to her.

Janice leaned forward and rested her forehead in her hands. Granted, she hadn't been the most supportive wife. That's what their therapist said anyway. Matt didn't listen and she didn't give. He'd mope and she'd walk away.

She glanced at the ceiling, whispering a silent prayer. Please let him be all right. Recently, it seemed like all they ever did was fight, but she didn't know what she would do if anything happened to him. Being a police officer's wife, she was used to this helpless feeling. But this time it was different. Something was wrong, and Janice didn't know what. No matter how much she believed Matt could take care of himself, a worried feeling gnawed at the pit of her stomach.

Please, please let him be all right.


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