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Author's Note: Written as an icon drabble challenge

Blair stared the couple in front of him as he tried his hardest not to smile. “You guys are probably wondering why I called this meeting, aren’t you?”

“I was a little curious,” Megan admitted, her arms folded across her chest.

“Yeah, what’s going on, Chief?” Jim asked.

Blair looked around at the other members of Major Crime. They nodded their consent back to him. Stretching out in his chair, he placed his feet on the desk in front of him. He had been Jim’s partner for six months now, and he still couldn’t completely act like a cop.

“Well, the guys and I have been talking, and there seems to be a problem here in the office.”

“A problem? What kind of problem?” Jim narrowed his blue eyes.

“You and Megan.” The couple looked at each other and then back to Blair. He continued. “It seems your bickering has gotten worse over time, and it’s about time you did something about it.”

Megan immediately took the defensive. “I don’t bicker. I merely suggest.”

“Come on, Connors, you complain if your coffee is too hot,” Jim piped up.

Her eyes widened innocently. “I do not! You’re the one who won’t share information with the rest of us. And, furthermore…”

“Okay, okay! My point exactly!” Blair interrupted, his feet hitting the floor. Standing up, he peered up at his two best friends. “It’s inevitable; you two should start dating before this whole place becomes a war zone.”

Megan’s mouth dropped open in surprise as Jim looked at Blair quizzically.

“Are you suggesting that I happen to like this woman?” he asked.

“Not like. More like, full-blown in love.”

“Surely, you’re joking,” Megan commented.

“Afraid not. And if you can’t work out your differences, we’ve been ordered to lock you in a closet for twenty-four hours, food and stuff provided.” Blair walked around the desk and draped his arms around them. “Let’s face it, guys. You’re a couple, whether you like it or not.”


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