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All Characters, ongoing
Stories between 100 and 300 words.

Ficlets and Short Stories

At This Late Hour
female Peter, Claire, genderbend, AU, complete
Spoilers: None
Little Claire can't sleep.

Beyond the Grey Sky
Monica, Micah, gen, complete
Spoilers: "Powerless"
After Niki's death, Monica questions her abilities.

Ease Your Pain
Peter/Claire, AU, Complete
Claire needs Peter after learning some devastating news.

Home for Christmas
Claire, Noah, futurefic, complete
Spoilers: "Powerless"
Claire wishes she didn't have to come home for Christmas.

Learn to Fly
Nathan, female Peter, genderbend, complete
Spoilers: "Genesis"
Patty is determined to prove her brother wrong.

Three A.M.
Matt/female Mohinder, Molly, genderbend, complete
Spoilers: None
Matt questions his luck.

The Vow She Made
Nathan/Heidi, Complete
Spoilers: "Six months Ago"
For better or for worse...

Janice/Matt, complete
Spoilers: "Collision"
Matt is missing...

The Teen!Molly Stories

Where is Your Girl Tonight?
Molly/OMC, Matt, futurefic, complete
Spoilers: None Something's different when she looks this time.

When Little Girls Grow Up
Molly/OMC, Matt, Mohinder, futurefic, complete
Sixteen-year-old Molly has her first date, and her two dads aren't sure they're ready for it.

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