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Richie Ryan crouched down behind an overgrown hedge. Through the leaves he could see a tall man tossing a suitcase into a stylish BMW. To the casual observer, the man appeared to be a respectable member of society, but Richie knew better. He knew this man had been responsible for the deaths of several close friends, and he couldn’t let him get away.

He stood up and jumped over the hedge, realizing immediately that the man was mortal. He felt no buzz when he hit the ground.

“Mr. Roddy,” Richie sang out as he sauntered towards him. The driver of the BMW whirled around to face him. “I think you have something of mine.”

Roddy narrowed his dark eyes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, boy.” He shut the door of his BMW just as Richie reached him.

“I’m talking about the money that you just took from my best friend’s garage. I think you should give it back to her.”

Mr. Roddy laughed, his dark eyes fixed on the younger man. “I’m sorry, but I won that money fairly.”

“Somehow I don’t think rigging a poker game is winning fairly.”

Tired of this kid’s accusations, Roddy swung at him. His fist connected with Richie’s face, causing the blond to stumble backwards. Richie recovered from his surprise rather fast and took a swing of his own. Blood poured out of the older man’s mouth the minute Richie slammed into it. Furious, Roddy grabbed the boy, knocking him to the ground. The fight escalated until both men were bleeding. Finally, Richie landed a punch that knocked Roddy out.

Taking a deep breath, he walked over to the car and opened the back door. Grabbing the suitcase, he started back towards his car. He cast a glance at the other man lying motionless on the ground. He knew this was far from over, but at least he had Corrie’s money in his hand.


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