Disclaimer: Richie belongs to Davis/Panzer and Rysher Entertainment. Bobby belongs to Marvel Comics. I'm just borrowing them.

“Bobby? Hey, man, what are you doing here?” Richie Ryan asked as he grasped his friend’s forearm in greeting.

“I’ve got some business here and thought I’d drop by. Your friend Duncan said I could find you here,” Bobby Drake answered, sitting down on a stool beside Richie. He turned to the bartender and ordered a beer before returning his attention to Richie.

Richie took a swig of his drink. “How are things in New York? Teaching going well?”

“Oh, yeah. The new students are pretty cool. We’ve got a few troublemakers, but nothing too major.” When his beer came, Bobby paused and popped it open. After taking a swig, he made a face. He brought the glass to his lips and blew, chilling everything around it.

Richie smiled. “I see you still like things ice cold.”

“As always. So, how about you? I see your head is still attached.”

“Yeah. Haven’t had too many people clamoring for it, so I’m pretty happy.”

“Met any girls lately?”

“Dated a couple, but nothing too serious. Still seeing Rogue?”

Bobby shook his head. “No, she went off to college in Alabama, and the break up was mutual. We still keep in touch, though.” He took another swallow. “So, what is there to do in Seacouver?”

“How long you staying?”

“Just the weekend.”

“All right. I’ll have to show you around. But, first, I have a beer to finish.”

Bobby laughed. “Not a problem, man. Take your time. I'm here for a week.” He raised his beer in tribute and took a swig.


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