Disclaimer: Blue Juice and its characters aren’t mine. They belong to Channel Four Films, Carl Prechezer, Peter Salmi, and Tim Viglio.

Author’s Note: Written for Ewan Drabbles.

“All right, Dean, you’ve got to pay attention. Surfing isn’t as easy as it looks,” JC warned.

Dean waved off his friend, his stomach laying flat on the surfboard. “Sure it is. All you have to do is stand up when a wave comes.”

Rolling his eyes, JC sat up on his board. “Dean, this is important. You’ve never been on a surfboard before; you could get hurt.”

Just then, a roaring sound caught Dean’s attention before he could answer. Glancing behind him, he saw a wave rushing towards them. It wasn’t a large wave, rather medium-sized actually, but the ginger-haired hippy couldn’t contain his excitement. He placed his hands on the board, readying himself to stand.

JC saw the widened look in his friend’s blue eyes and panicked. “Dean! No!”

It was too late. The wave appeared above them, and Dean clumsily leaped onto the board. JC followed, albeit more gracefully.

“See! Total natural!” Dean called over his shoulder as he kept his balance for a total of a minute. Slipping on the board, he fell and crashed into the salty ocean. It burned his eyes as he smacked through the surface and found himself underwater.

When JC reached him, he righted the board and pulled Dean back onto it. Then he hauled his friend back onto the beach. Dean collapsed on the warm, grainy sand and started laughing.

“Let’s do it again!” he cried, causing JC to shake his head.


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