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All Characters, ongoing
Stories between 100 and 300 words.

Ficlets and Short Stories

Supernatural/Smallville, Dean/Chloe, Complete
Dean isn't quite right.

Cheerleader in the Road
Supernatural/Heroes, Dean, Sam, Claire, Complete
No spoilers for either show
The Impala just hit something...

Demon Hunt
Angel/Charmed, Connor/OFC, Complete
Connor gets a little help when he faces a soul-sucking demon.

The End is the Beginning
Tessa, Leo, Charmed/Supernatural, Complete
After her death, Tessa receives a new life.

Richie, Whitney, Highlander/Smallville, Complete
Whitney Fordman's life changed the minute he died on the battlefield. Now he has to learn the rules of the Game.

Richie/Chloe, Highlander/Smallville, Complete
Richie has a difficult choice to make.

Old Friends
Richie and Bobby, Highlander/X-Men, Complete
Richie runs into an old friend at Joe's.

Paige, Sam, Charmed/Supernatural, Complete
Spoilers: "Pilot" of Supernatural
Paige sees her new charge.

Strawberry Woman
Paige, Sam, Dean, Charmed/Supernatural, Complete
Sequel to "Potential". Sam meets his Whitelighter.

Wendigo Fight
X-Men/Charmed, Chris, John, Complete
Spilers: None
Chris and his college roommate John get in way over their heads when they meet a very angry and very hungry Wendigo.


The John and Patty Stories

American Witch
Charmed/Supernatural, AU for Charmed, Patty Halliwell and John Winchester, Complete
John comes to San Francisco looking for a little hope.

Beauty in the Breakdown
Charmed/Supernatural, AU for Charmed, Patty Halliwell and John Winchester, Complete
A conversation on a quiet night.

Peace and Joy
Charmed/Supernatural, AU, the Winchesters and the Halliwells, Complete
John and his boys need a little family time.

Immortal Magic
Prue/Duncan, Charmed/Highlander
One witch, one Immortal...

Richie/Paige Drabbles
Richie/Paige, Highlander/Charmed
What happens when an Immortal falls in love with a witch?

Spontaneous Combustion
John/Chloe, X-Men/Smallville
Chloe came to New York to get away from the weirdness of Smallville. It didn't quite work out that way.

Wyatt/OFC, Chris/OFC, Charmed/The Sentinel, futurefic
The Halliwell brothers may have met their matches.

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