Charmed Drabbles

Characters: Prue, Piper, Phoebe
For: Necia

“Piper, I think we need to talk,” Prue glared at her younger sister.

“Oh, no! Prue, I didn't mean to.” Worry reflected on Piper's face.

Phoebe stood beside her, giggling. “I should have known this was going to happen.” She crossed her arms and surveyed her oldest sister's situation.

A frozen warlock held Prue in a tight grip, pinning her arms to her side. When Piper had seen the warlock lunge for her sister, she panicked and froze the scene. But she had been too late, and Prue was stuck in his grip.

Prue narrowed her eyes at Phoebe, telekinetically pushing her to the ground. “Laugh again, why don't you?”

“Prue, Phoebe, stop. We've got to free Prue before we throw the potion.” Piper looked from one sister to the other. “Any ideas?”

Prue bit her bottom lip. “What if you try unfreezing only his hands? Then maybe I can wiggle free.”

“I don't know if I can do that.”


Piper took a deep breath and concentrated on the warlock's hands. “Here goes nothing.” She threw her hands in the air.

Prue felt the warlock's grip tightened, but didn't see any life in his face. She narrowed her eyes and focused on prying his hands open. With a mental push, his grip loosened its hold. Prue scrambled free and stepped backwards.

“Now, unfreeze all of him, Piper.” Piper obeyed. The warlock advanced toward them. “Ready?” Prue asked. All three raised their vials of potion and hit the warlock in the chest. He disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Relieved, Prue turned to Piper. “Next time, make sure I'm out of the way before you freeze the bad guy.”


Whitelighter Love
Pairing: Paige/Kyle
For: Jen, based on her icon

Kyle’s nerves were shot. After all the time apart, he was sure that he wouldn’t be able to do this. By now, she must have forgotten him and moved on with her life. It didn’t matter, though. Before he took on his first charge, he had to know. The Elders hadn’t been too happy to discover that another one of their Whitelighters had fallen in love with a Charmed One, but they had learned there wasn’t much they could do about it. So, they granted him leave.

He orbed to the manor and stood outside the door. He knew she was home; he had sensed her before he left. Nervously, he knocked on the door. Within a few minutes, it swung open to reveal a surprised Phoebe.

“Kyle? What are you doing using the door?” she asked as she ushered him in.

“Well, I didn’t want this visit to be too much of a surprise,” he explained.

“Well, wait right there. I’ll go get Paige.” Phoebe dashed up the stairs. Several excruciating minutes passed, and then there she was.

Her dark eyes lit up the minute she saw him. “Kyle?” She raced down the stairs and threw herself into his arms, kissing him all over. Finally, she planted herself on her feet and met his eyes. “How? Why? I thought the Elders would make sure I’d never see you again.”

“After Leo made his choice, the Elders have decided that there’s no way they can stand in the way of free will and true love, no matter how hard they try. So, I’m here asking if you want to try and make this work.”

Paige nodded. “You had to ask?”

Kyle’s smile broadened and he pulled her into another kiss.

Phoebe couldn’t help herself as she watched them from the staircase. “Ah, Whitelighters in love. Their children will be gorgeous.”

All is Full of Love
Characters: Piper/Leo
Written for Charmed Drabbles.

He watches her as she causes the storm to rage. His rock, his strength. How can he accept the Elder’s request and leave her? Everything he’s ever wanted is right here with his wife and son.

Leo cautiously approaches her. Her words cut like a knife, and every one of them is true. All he can do is look at her and promise to be back, but he would rather hold her in his arms and say he’ll stay. He has a new destiny, though, as does she, but Leo won’t give up on their relationship that easily.

A Meeting
Characters: Paige, Prue
Written for Charmed Drabbles.

Paige took a deep breath as she nervously approached the glowing figure. What was she suppose to say? How was she supposed to act? She had always thought about this moment, but she never thought that it would actually happen.

The figure was that of a beautiful woman with dark hair and blue eyes. There was something warm and comfortable about her, but she was still a stranger.

The two ladies looked at each other, almost sizing each other up. Finally, the ghost smiled and broke the silence.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Paige. I’m Prue, your sister.”

Character: Adult Wyatt
Written for Charmed Drabble.

I can’t deal with this, losing everything I’ve ever known and loved.

As a child and a teen, my heart burned with love. I had my family, my friends, and my happiness. Then it was all taken away in the blink of an eye, and all I had left was emptiness.

Now I don’t have time for love or friends or family. Especially family. They all betrayed me; they all left. Even the one I trusted most.

So now I burn with a different feeling. I burn with hate and the need for revenge. And I will have my revenge.

The Club
Character: Paige
Written for Charmed_100.

Paige weaved her way through the crowd towards the bar.

“So, what do you think?” Jen asked, taking a sip of her drink.

“I didn’t expect it to be so crowded,” Paige answered, sitting down.

“I know. I can’t believe this place just opened,” Helen commented, scanning the crowd.

Once seated, Paige looked around, too. Three women, all of them dark-haired, sitting in an alcove caught her attention. She’d never seen them before, but she felt a connection to them.

Shaking it off, she turned her attention back to her friends. “I’m going to go dance.”

“Have fun!” they called.

Character: Chris
Author's Note: This is purely speculation. I have no inside information nor any spoilers pertaining to Chris. This is just my imagination.
Written for Charmed Drabbles.

Chris narrowed his eyes as he stared down at the sleeping baby in the crib. Wyatt. His best friend. His cousin. The supposed “strongest witch”.

“Not so strong right now, are you?” he muttered.

When he made that deal with Wyatt to go back in time, he had formulated an agenda all his own. He was tired of being in the background, playing second fiddle. This was his turn to shine. If he had to screw up Wyatt’s life, then so be it. At least maybe he’d get some recognition this time.

Father and Son
Characters: Leo, Chris
Written for Charmed Drabble
Author’s note: This is completely based on Supernaturalhel’s theory; she gets the credit for it. Neither one of us have any access to insider information.

It hurt to look his father in the eyes, even if the man didn’t know they were related. He also knew he was playing with fire, tampering with his own existence. But he knew what had to be done. Leo, in his present pacifist state, was in no shape to help save Wyatt.

Chris stood there with a straight face and listened as Leo told him he would be the Charmed Ones new Whitelighter. He nodded and promised he would keep them safe.

As Leo orbed, Chris whispered an apology. He then waved his hand, sending his father to Valhalla.

Characters: Chris/Bianca
Written for Charmed_100.

Severe pain. It registered in her mind mere seconds after she hit the floor. Glancing down, she saw the piece of wood piercing her mid-section. In that one moment, all was lost.

Bianca looked up into Chris’s blue eyes. There was still hope there, if only he could get back to the past. As painful as it was, she knew she might never see him again. Clutching his hand, she told him to go. He could still save them both.

When he let go, he ran for the portal and slid through. She then laid back and was at peace.

Character: Prue
A "What if?" drabble written for Charmed 100

Prue places the flowers beside the grave, her tears threatening to fall on top of them. She reaches out and traces the letters imprinted on the grave. Phoebe Halliwell, beloved sister.

She failed. It is the only thought that stands out in her mind. She is the oldest; it is her job to protect her younger sisters. But she couldn’t that day. Phoebe had sacrificed herself so that Prue and Piper could live. Cole had admitted that even he couldn’t save her.

“I’m sorry,” Prue whispers, and she bows her head in a silent prayer, hoping Phoebe can forgive her.

The Greater Good
Character: Gideon
Written for Charmed Drabble.

For every action, reaction must counteract it. Sometimes, extreme measures must be taken in order to ensure victory. This is my mantra, and I must stick to it.

I didn’t want to kill Sigmund, but he was threatening my plan. A plan that has been in the works since I first met Leo. Oh, yes, with my foresight, I knew what he would do. That’s why I took him under my wing, tried to keep Piper and him apart. I knew the child they would create would have more power than anyone ever imagined.

As I creep into the nursery, I see Wyatt asleep in the far corner. He seems so innocent, so trusting. His chest rises and falls as he dreams; unaware that someone is watching him. What if Sigmund was right? No, I can’t be the cause. I know what he’s capable of, and I cannot allow it. I know Elders should not kill; I realize I crossed a line with Sigmund’s death. However, sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

Walking away, I smile to myself. I will bide my time until all three sisters and Leo are distracted. Then, the greater good will be served.

The Manor
Characters: Chris/Bianca
Author's Note: Written for Jen during a drabble challenge.

Bianca gasped the minute she entered the Halliwell manor. It looked exactly like she had always pictured it with its hardwood floors, immaculate walls, and antique furniture everywhere. Family pictures adorned the walls, and flowers decorated the tables. In a word, it was beautiful.

“Chris,” was all she could manage.

Chris shrugged as he smiled down at her. “It’s not much, but it’s home.”

Bianca looked him like he was crazy. “Not much? It’s gorgeous.” She walked further into the dining room, taking in every inch of the house. When she reached the dining room table, she reached out to touch the antique vase in the middle of it.

“Careful. Don’t break that! It was my great-grandmother’s,” Chris warned as he followed her.

Bianca moved away from the vase and laughed. “I won’t break it. I promise.” She spun around, still laughing. “Growing up in that small apartment with my mom, I never dreamed I’d be in such a beautiful house.” She wrapped her arms around Chris’s neck. “I can’t wait to meet your family.”

Chris kissed her on the forehead. “I can’t wait either. My brother and my grandfather are going to love you.” Taking her hand, he pulled her towards the steps. “Ready to see the upstairs?” he asked, a mischievous look in his blue eyes.

“Of course,” Bianca answered, allowing him to lead her up the stairs.

Character: Paige
Written for Charmed Drabbles.

I’ll never get used to this. One day I’m a normal woman; the next, I’m a powerful witch. It's all so new, especially these powers.

Calling for and moving objects is getting easier. I can tell where an object is going to go better than I can tell myself where to go. It’s the orbing I’m having trouble with. I have to make sure I picture a place exactly, or I could end up inside a wall. That’s pretty tough.

It’s kind of thrilling, though, to be able to do all of this stuff. Just when you think you’re nobody, it turns out you can change the world. Maybe I can get used to this after all.

Character: Leo
Written for Charmed_100.

Leo watched his sons sleeping. Chris and Wyatt were fast asleep in their cribs, safe, alive, and pure. Everything seemed to be at peace.

However, Leo wasn’t at peace. He knew he had committed a great evil and that he would have to pay for his sins. At the time, it felt right, but now, the former Elder feared the worst. Would he permanently be taken away from his family?

Pushing his fears to the back of his mind, he focused on his sons. All that mattered was this one moment of peace he wouldn’t trade for the world.

Characters: Sam/Patty
Written for Charmed_100.

Patty sat down in a booth, sighing. Working as a waitress for an eight-hour shift was not her idea of fun. She glanced up when the bell over the door rang.

He wasn’t very tall or interesting, but something in his blue eyes caught her attention. She had seen them somewhere before, yet she couldn’t remember where. Shrugging off the familiar feeling, she stood up and pulled her pad and pen from her apron.

“What can I get for you, sir?”

He smiled. “Call me Sam, and I’ll have a Pepsi.”

“All right, Sam. One Pepsi coming right up.”

She's Always a Woman
Characters: Piper/Leo
Written for Charmed_100.

“Leo, I’m not sure about this dress. Does it look all right?”

Leo glanced up to see Piper walk into their bedroom. The dress she fussed over was a sleeveless, red number with ruffles at the bottom. A smile spread across his face.

“You look beautiful,” he answered as he stood up.

Piper blushed, turning her unzipped back to him. “Thank you, but are you sure this one is fine?”

Leo nodded as he zipped her into it. “Yes.” Turning her around, he planted a kiss on her lips and held out his arm to her. “Shall we?”

“We shall.”