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All Characters, ongoing
Stories between 100 and 300 words.

Ficlets and Short Stories

Baby Mine
Piper/Leo, Complete
Spoilers: "The Day the Magic Died"
Piper witnesses a special moment between Leo and their baby.

Behind Blue Eyes
Chris, a hint of Chris/Bianca, Complete
Spoilers: "Chris-Crossed" and "Prince Charmed"
Chris reflects on his mission to save Wyatt.

Blessed Angel
Paige, Complete
Spoilers: The first half of season seven
An angel helps Paige realize a few things at Christmas.

Prue/Andy, Complete
Spoilers: "All Hell Breaks Loose"
Prue finds herself in a familiar place and seeing someone she hasn't seen in a long time.

Guardian Angel
Prue, Wyatt, Chris, Complete
Spoilers: "It's a Bad, Bad, Bad World"
Prue checks in on her two nephews.

Little Sister
Prue and Piper, AU, Complete
Can Prue accept her long lost youngest sister?

Chris and Wyatt, Complete
Chris reflects on the death of his mother.

On Top of the World
Leo/Piper, Complete
Spoilers: None
Leo has a surprise.

Paige's New Addiction
Paige, Complete
Spoilers: None
Piper discovers how Paige spends an hour.

Chris, Complete
Spoilers: "The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell"
Chris argues with his cousin.

Saving Robert
Phoebe/OMC, Complete
Spoilers: "The Primrose Empath" and "Witchness Protection"
Phoebe meets a wonderful man, only to find out he's an innocent who needs to be protected.

Some Enchanted Evening
Piper/Leo, Futurefic, Complete
Spoilers: "Oh, My Goddess"
Piper and Leo get away from it all.

Stone Man
Phoebe, Complete
Spoilers: None
A demon takes over the Bay Mirror, and only Phoebe can stop him.

Series and Novels

The Adventures of the Brothers Halliwell
Wyatt & Chris, futurefic
Spoilers: All of season six
Just how much trouble can two half-witch, half-whitelighters get into?

genderbent Halliwells, genderbent Andy, Darryl, Complete
Spoilers: None
What if the Halliwells had been brothers instead of sisters?

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