Woe of a Cat Lover

Disclaimer: Not mine. Belongs to Gekko Film Corp., MGM, and Sci-fi.

It was the hardest thing he ever had to do. Harder than building a theoretical atom bomb for a science project, and certainly harder than dealing with Major Carter. Standing in front of his neighbor’s door, Rodney McKay looked down at the small, furry animal in his hands.

“I’m going to miss you, Pookie,” he said. The cat just stared up at him, clearly not happy with the idea of being out of his home. “Now, don’t look at me like that. I don’t have a choice.”

Pookie just meowed and tried to jump out of Rodney’s arms. He never did like being held for long.

Just when Rodney thought his cat would make a break for it, the door in front of him swung open. Laura, his very attractive brunette neighbor, greeted him. With barely a glance at him, she reached out and petted Pookie.

“Hey, boy. Hey, baby.” She then turned her hazel eyes to Rodney. “Hi, Rodney.”

He first passed her the cat, then the covered litter box. Next came the food bowl, and finally, a small overnight bag. “Well, here he is. All of his toys are there as well as his food. Remember, he likes to have his tummy scratched, and he’s scared of the outside. Oh, and don’t feed him too much from the table; he has a sensitive stomach. And talk to him at least twice a day. Oh, and…”

“Rodney,” she cut him off. “I’ve taken care of Pookie before, remember?” She bounced the cat in her arms. “We’ll be fine.”

“Oh, okay.” He could feel his heart break in his chest as he watched his best friend squirm in Laura’s arms. He was going to miss Pookie leaving cat hair all over his clothes and sprawling out across the bed at night.

His blue eyes met Laura’s. “Take good care of him.”

Instead of her usual quips, his neighbor just gave him a genuine grin. “I will; I promise.”

Rodney scratched Pookie’s head on last time. He then picked up his own bags, turned around, and headed for his car.


© 2004 Crimson Idealist