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Author's Note: This was written for Sarah, aka faile02, based on an icon created by Erin, aka thehush.

Adam Rove remembered the first time he saw Joan Girardi. He had been reaching under a garbage truck, trying to collect parts for his latest sculpture. When he looked up, he saw the prettiest girl hed ever laid eyes on. She had glanced over at him, but he decided that she hadnt been looking at him. After that moment, he had convinced himself hed never see her again.

Then she entered his advanced chemistry class. She had seemed awkward, standing there in the doorway. Miracle of miracles, the only seat available had been the one in between Grace and him. She sat down and smiled.

Now here he sat in her kitchen, and a second of silence cut into their conversation. Reaching out, he gingerly touched her twisted ankle, which was propped up on the kitchen table. When he glanced up, he realized something. Sitting in her pajamas with her hair tied up, she was still the prettiest girl he had ever seen.


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