DISCLAIMER: I don't know the Backstreet Boys or anyone associated with them. These are just pieces from my imagination.

Ficlets and Short Stories

And Still
Kevin/ Complete
When Christianna runs into her old flame Kevin, all of her memories come flooding back to her.

AJ/ Complete
When Marti and her friend Loreena are invited to a country club party, she meets an unexpected knight in black satin.

Island of the Pigmies
Group/ Complete
When the Boys get a week off from their European tour, they head to a remote island in the Pacific. Everything goes fine until Nick is kidnapped by a group of pigmies who sacrifice blonds, and it's up to Kevin, Brian, Howie, and AJ to save him.

Kiss the Rain
Brian/ Complete
A short, short story about what happens when Brian starts looking at his best friend Amy in a different light?

Saints and Angels
AJ/ Complete
AJ finds comfort in the arms of the woman he loves.


AJ/ Complete
Heather is tired of being a college student. AJ is tired of being a Backstreet Boy. Can they handle each other's lives when they somehow switch bodies?

The Carolina Stories

That's What She Said
Brian/ Complete
Based on the movie Pure Country. Brian Littrell, tired of performing and fed up with the new tour manager Billie Ross's advances, runs away during a small break between concerts. His truck breaks down in a small town and he meets summer day camp counselor Tessa Connors.

Narrow, Enclosed Spaces
AJ/ Complete
When Zoey Bryant meets AJ McLean, she is not impressed. She thinks he's dorky, he thinks she has an attitude problem. Can the two of them survive being locked in a bathroom together for seven hours?

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