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All Characters, ongoing
Stories between 100 and 200 words long.

Ficlets and Short Stories

Curious Gwen
John, OFC, Complete
Spoilers: "Rising"
Cadet Gwen Spencer desperately wants to see the Atlantis equipment, but can't find a way into the Gate Room.

A Fear of Needles
Carson/OFC, Complete
Spoilers: "Hide and Seek"
It seems like everyone on Atlantis is getting that gene therapy. What if one of the members of the expedition was afraid of needles?

A Good Soldier
John/female Ford, AU, Genderbender, Complete
Spoilers: "Underground"
The Atlantis team has gotten themselves into another mess, and Adina worries whether or not they can get out again.

Elizabeth/John, Complete
Spoilers: Pre-"Siege"
Elizabeth needs strength for the battle to come.

Woe of a Cat Lover
Rodney, Complete
Spoilers: "Rising"
Rodney says goodbye to Pookie.

The Rose McKay Chronicles

The Metal Chair
Carson/female McKay, AU, Genderbender, Complete
How can one chair be so hard to work?

State of Emergency
Carson/female McKay, AU, Genderbender, Complete
Spoilers: "Poisoning the Well"
How do you help someone deal with a broken heart?

She Has No Time
Carson/female McKay, AU, Genderbender, Complete
Spoilers: None
Only one person can get Rose to slow down.

Rodney/Anna Stories

The Missing Book
Rodney/OFC, Complete
Spoilers: None
Rodney goes in search of his favorite book and finds something else.

Anna's Hero
Rodney/OFC, Complete
Spoilers: "Siege"
With the world falling down around her, Anna has to fine Rodney and fast.

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